About Our Facilities

Front View of the Engineering 2 (E2) Building The Information Technology Institute is located on the fifth floor of the Engineering 2 Building at the University of California Santa Cruz. At UCSC, education is a top research priority. Our facilities specialize in introducing new technology into the classroom to enhance student's learning experience. Technology is changing education everyday, and we continously and rigorously create and test new ideas that introduce a new dimension to learning. Rather than developing one specific tool to solve one specific problem, we seek to enhance all aspects of education. Some of the notable accomplishments include Tiled Displays in rooms E2-180 (the Simularium) and E2-506, as well as innovative software for Tablet PCs, Lecture Archiving, and Multicast Video Conferencing.

In CITRIS(Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society), we have a rich array of videoconferencing rooms and equipment. Classrooms and conference rooms are equipped for video conferencing. We can connect to any remote system employing common standard video protocols (e.g. H.320, H.323) and can also support conferencing in HD(720P), as well as other systems including Access Grid and Conference XP.

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